co Meet The Social Media Chaplain |

Every once in a while I read a story about someone doing something totally different online that I think would serve as an inspiration to small business owners trying to market their businesses online. Today, I want to talk about the social media chaplain.

I think this is a great story. It’s something you don’t read about every day. A chaplain who uses social media to make connections.

The interesting thing about this story is that Chaplain Jon Swanson just uses social media to meet people and build relationships. And that’s really what social media is all about. Nothing more. The strategies different people may use are likely different, but the bottom line on social media, no matter who you are, is that it is a relationship-building tool.

Successful sales people talk about building relationships. Successful business people talk about building relationships. That’s what life is all about. And it doesn’t matter what business you are in – you are building relationships.

Why not do it through social media?

The interview with Frank Reed is a very telling one. It says that

  1. Being successful through social media is possible; and
  2. The definition of successful is whatever you want it to be.

This isn’t whitewashing it. You define your own success. But get this: If a guy can go online, use social media to meet people, and develop a spiritual ministry around the relationships with people he meets online, what’s stopping you from building your business through social media? You really have no excuse.