co Do You Have To Meet Face To Face? |

In the old days of doing business, if you wanted to get the contract you had to meet face to face, shake hands, and make a personal connection. Today, you still make personal connection, but it doesn’t necessarily take place face to face. You can do all your business online.

How’s that possible?

And, I might add, before I answer that question, you can do this even if you’re a local business.

Let’s see …. there’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Web conferencing, Skype, e-mail, IM, texting, Twitter. How many ways do I need to count? All of them are communication tools and none of them require a face to face meeting (unless you call Skype face to face). You can run your entire business online while sitting in your easy chair at home, or your executive chair at the office.

While this is possible, do you want to do it?

I’m not going to say you should, or you have to, but you can. No matter what kind of business you are in, social networking, Twitter, texting, e-mail, Skype, Web conferencing, all of these tools can be used for communicating with your business partners and customers. The face to face meeting is no longer necessary. You can also secure deals online without ever meeting the people you are doing business with. And we’re just getting started.