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One of my readers has nominated me in the Battle of the Blogs and I am greatly honored. Whoever did that, thanks!

Of course, I don’t write this blog to win awards. I write it because it’s a passion for me to see small business owners succeed at online marketing. I hope that shows. That said, however, I’ve been nominated for the Social Media award in SoftCity Cafe’s Battle of the Blogs contest. An upvote would be appreciated.

And I’ve got to say that I’m in pretty good company. I’m up against some top-level A-list bloggers. Just being nominated for this award is an achievement, but wouldn’t it be great to win? I will, with your support.

Other categories in this contest include:

  • Business & IT
  • Creative & Tutorials
  • OS & Utilities
  • Gadgets & Home
  • Apps & Mobile

While you’re at SoftCity Cafe, stop by these other categories and vote for your favorite blog in those categories as well.

If you do vote for me in the 2010 Battle of the Blogs, I’d appreciate a Facebook Like and a Tweet as well. And do stop by and let me know you’ve cast a vote. Leave a comment on this thread. Tell your friends to vote too!