co Amazon To Soon Offer Kindle Books For The Web |

Amazon has made a killing on The Kindle and Kindle books. Soon, you’ll be able to read Kindle books on the Web, and if you own a website then you’ll be able to offer Kindle books for your site visitors to read in their Web browsers. That’s one more revenue channel you can implement and make even more money.

Is that something small business owners should put on their website?

There are two schools of thought on using your small business website to promote products that someone else creates: 1) Don’t do it; and 2) Do it. However, No. 2 advocates usually add a proviso.

I’m a No. 2 advocate. If it’s something that visitors to your website can benefit from, then I say it’s OK to offer it. In fact, you might even be remiss if you don’t offer it. But what’s that proviso? In a nutshell, it should be related to the content on your website.

In other words, if you have a mechanic’s website, or an auto shop site, where your services are listed and promoted and you want to offer your website visitors a chance to read books on do-it-yourself auto projects, Chilton’s manuals, or even car parts, then by all means – how could it hurt?

The detractors say you’ll lose website visitors. Sure, on the short term, someone may leave your site and go elsewhere. But if they weren’t interested in your services anyway and they were looking for information on how to change a carburetor, then the book you earn a small commission for could actually help them. When that site visitor is looking for someone to replace their transmission and that’s a service that you offer, do you think they’ll be back? In all likelihood, yes.

So Kindle Books for the Web looks like it could be a good ancillary offering for any small business. And it’s coming soon.