co Pros And Cons Of Auto Play Media |

Should you have auto play media on your business websites? For example, music or video.

First, I think most people in business object to landing on a website with music automatically playing. This can be for one of several reasons.

  1. They don’t like your particular brand or style of music
  2. They could be listening to something else and your music is an interruption
  3. The music could annoy others within the same hearing vicinity as the person who just landed on your website

Auto play music is generally considered an interruption or an annoyance, particularly if your website visitor is in a professional setting. What if he or she is in the middle of a webinar and goes to your website to place an order only to find that your music interrupts their webinar?

While music does have its advantages (there are pros, in other words), I believe the disadvantages make auto play music less desirable for a professional website. But what about auto play video?

Video is less objectionable. After all, a well done video can be an interactive element that draws people into your site and gets them to stay longer. If someone does not want to see or hear your video, they can click the pause button and go on browsing or reading your content. The video, with its moving images, is more of a welcome entertainment factor that could also inform and, if done well, could keep your visitors on your site longer.

Auto play media should be considered according to your audience, your website marketing strategy, and the promised benefits to you if that media is favorable to your audience. Weigh the pros and cons before deciding.