co SBMs Prove eBay Still Has ValueValue |

A new report from eBay reveals that over half of small business owners who use eBay for sales are optimistic about holiday sales. Is that good news?

I think it would be fairer to say it’s not bad news. Considering the long-running recession, more than 50% SBMs showing optimism is a good thing. But get this: 72% of them believe their online sales will increase this holiday season. Now, that’s good news!

It’s also right in line with what I’ve been hearing elsewhere. And if you aren’t doing business online yet, then you better hop on the boat before it leaves the harbor because the tide is high. All the reports show that more people plan to spend more money shopping online this year and small businesses plan on making more money online this year. I think it will happen.

Of course, if you haven’t gone online yet, it may be too late for this year. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late for your business. I fully expect next year to be even better than this year. And the year after that should be better than next year. The tide will likely rise for some time to come.

So how should you proceed if you are a small business owner and haven’t started your online marketing? Start with a consultation. It’s a good place to get your initial plan together.