co What Is Anchor Text? |

New content writers are often overwhelmed at all the things to think about when writing content for their websites and blogs: Keywords, anchor text, alt text, social media links, inbound directory links, the list goes on. Anchor text is one of the most basic concepts of content development, and it doesn’t take much to understand it.

By definition, anchor text is the word or phrase used to link from one page to another.

In other words, this phrase is anchor text.

I linked the above phrase back to this post so if you click it you’ll end up right back here. Typically, however, you’ll link to another page on the Web. The anchor text you choose to link from Page A to Page B can help you with your SEO – that is, if you do it right, then your linked-to page can gain some ranking juice for the search engine results pages.

When selecting your anchor text, you want to choose a word or phrase that is relevant to the page you are linking to. In other words, if the topic of discussion is search engine optimization as it is with this blog post, then you’ll want to use anchor text related to that discussion. The previous link – using “search engine optimization” as the anchor text – does this well.

Notice how the page being linked to is about search engine optimization and conversion optimization? Either one of those phrases would have been good anchor text. I chose “search engine optimization.” By using a phrase that is relevant to the page I linked to, the anchor text does more to help that page rank better in the search engines. It’s a simple principle, but it’s also a principle that is quite effective when done properly over time and across many web pages.