co Facebook Looks To Be A Big Plus For E-Commerce |

If you’ve had the slightest doubt that Facebook had any e-commerce value until now, then perhaps you should read this report from WebProNews. There are some companies who are making Facebook work for them. Just check this out:

Kembrel, a private store for students that can be accessed entirely through Facebook, all the way through the checkout process, saw 20% of its overall transactions come through its Facebook store from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Transactions from their Facebook store are 7-10% bigger when compared to their site, according to Facebook. 55% of new, registered shopers are being acquired through Facebook.

That’s pretty impressive. The four-day weekend beginning with Black Friday and ending with Cyber Monday, traditionally the biggest shopping day for online shoppers throughout the year, culminated in a 20% increase of business. But even more impressive is that transactions from Kembrel’s Facebook store were 7-10% bigger than transactions on their own store. And over half of new shoppers are coming from Facebook. Wow!

That’s just one store. I’d love to see the overall statistics for all Facebook stores. You can bet it’s just as impressive.

But what this tells me is that Facebook has arrived with a powerful new e-commerce model. In the future, businesses will need two stores: Their e-commerce hub, which is their own website and shopping cart, and their Facebook satellite store. If you’re not thinking this way now you will be two years from now.