co Bing Steals Share From Google |

If you had the chance to steal 200 million users from your competition, would you consider that success? Well, Bing recently announced that it has snagged that many users from its strongest competitor, Google.

This is actually pretty significant. I don’t know how much that will affect the total market share of these two search engines, but a few more deals like this one and Bing could gain considerable distance on Google. Trying to win searchers through TV and radio advertising, or word of mouth, could take a very long time. But convert publishers who have an exclusive agreement with your largest competitor and you make good headway.

Look at it this way: Bing just gained on Google by 400 million users. Google lost 200 million and Bing gained 200 million.

What if that happened with 5 other exclusive deals that Google currently has in place? That would be a total shift of 1 billion users from Google to Bing. Do you think that would be noticeable?

I don’t really know how poised Bing is to make that kind of move, but if they did it once, then they could do it again. And Microsoft is just savvy enough to make deals like that. Google has partnerships in place with certain computer manufacturers to have a built-in search feature on computer desktops. A few of those for Bing with large computer manufacturers and we could see some evening of the score. What do you think?