co Why Aren't These Article Directories On Search Marketing Standard's List? |

Search Marketing Standard, a recognized news platform for business owners who want to know more about search engine marketing, published an article with a list of article directories to target in 2011. There are 11 of them on the list. It wasn’t a bad article, but it left me wondering why certain article directories were not included on the list.

Let’s review which article directories were on the list:

  • Suite 101
  • Hub Pages
  • Self Growth
  • Article Dashboard
  • iSnare
  • Sooper Articles
  • Info Barrel
  • Article Trader
  • Article City
  • Snipsly
  • Triond

It’s not a bad list. I agree with most of these, but I finished reading the article and it left me wondering why three other article directories were not on the list:

  1. Knol Pages ( – Owned by Google. Unlike most traditional article directories, you can put links in the middle of your articles, which makes it a unique service.
  2. EzineArticles ( – This is probably the most popular article directory online. Perhaps that is why it was left off of Search Marketing Standard’s list.
  3. Squidoo ( – The brainchild of veteran online marketer Seth Godin, Squidoo is a great source of links.

When you consider that it is difficult to get accepted into the Triond inner circle of article writers, I wonder why these article directories were left out. I’d consider them good places to publish in 2011 as well.