co Are We Doomed To Market From Walled Gardens? |

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has written a six-page report that calls out Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and several other large Web companies for making your data proprietary. That is, he says all your personal data is available to you from within those websites, but you can’t share it with another website – even if you wanted to.

Mr. Lee paints a grim picture. If these major players have their way, he seems to imply, then we’ll all be soon using different parts of the Web. It will be a fragmented jumble rather than a universal interlinked Web. That won’t be good.

Essentially, if what he’s saying is true then the Web could become a string of islands. You’ll exist in yours and I’ll exist in mine and the only way we could reach each other is if we pay to cross the divide, or maybe we can’t even do that. If that happens then that will certainly limit our marketing ability. We might all be able to meet in Facebook, but if we don’t follow Facebook’s rules then we’ll get kicked off. But reaching the entire world through your Website will likely not be an option.

I’m curious if anyone else is seeing what Mr. Lee is seeing. And, if so, do you see it as a good thing or a bad thing?