co Learn Online Marketing From Literary Journals |

Huffington Post recently had an interesting piece on the emergence of the online literary journal. It’s interesting to see what once was a stable in the print publishing world, literary journals, has now become widely accepted online. In many ways, it took longer for serious literature to be accepted in the online publishing realm, but that it has is a strong testament to our times and the importance of Internet marketing.

So what can small business owners learn about Internet marketing from online literary journals? Try these:

  • Make it creative – Online literary journals have done well because they are not afraid to be creative in format as well as in content.
  • Realize your limitations – One common thread among successful online literary journals is that their editors understand their limitations.
  • Realize your strengths – While they do recognize their limitations, online literary editors also understand and exploit their strengths.
  • Incorporate multimedia – You’re on the Web. Use the tools and resources of the Web to your advantage.
  • Learn to drive traffic – It’s all about traffic. The more traffic you get, the better chance you have of closing a sale. Learn how to get traffic to your website and, once you do, learn how to convert it to sales.

Online literary journals have learned how to market themselves online. You can too.