co Managing Your Social Media Archives |

The New York Times published an article recently that highlights what could become a growing problem for all businesses. The idea is to manage your social media communications so that you can refer to them later if you have to.

Companies who have been around for more than ten years are familiar with the time when communications sent outside of the company walls were well controlled. They were usually on paper so someone had a copy. Today, however, the only copies of your digital communication are locked up somewhere on someone else’s server. That could pose several problems.

  • Those servers could be reconfigured and the information written over, losing it forever
  • You could spend a great deal of time and expense tracking it down to get your hands on it again
  • The competition, or an adversary, could get to it before you do and alter it, purchase it, or get control over it so that you don’t
  • The information could exist in a different format than your needs will allow and render it useless

Just imagine, ten years from now you are sued for something you said on Facebook and you need to gain access to your entire social media communications. That’s a big job. But what if you had that information archived in a location that was more easily accessible and in a format that would make it easy for you to use – ten years from now? Wouldn’t that make your life easier?

I think this is something that will definitely need to be addressed. I’m not sure if Tribal DDB Worldwide has the answer, but it looks as though they may at least be on the right track. What do you think? Is social media archival important?