co Facebook Now Drives More Traffic Than Google And YouTube |

Of course, I’ve been saying for a long time now that social media helps with your search engine optimization and drives traffic to your website. Now, I have the validation.

The interesting thing about this report is that Hitwise puts a number on it. 25% of web page views are from Facebook. Not bad.

That’s actually a big number. It used to be that most websites reported 80% of their traffic came from search engines. But get this:

Overall, Facebook is now delivering more visits than any other website, about 10.28%, ahead of Google (7.21%) and YouTube (3.19%).

Facebook delivers more traffic than Google. Have we entered the age of social media dominance? Not bad for a phenomenon that started “as a trend.” Pardon me for secretly laughing, but that’s what a lot of A-list SEOs said about social media when it first started taking off in the early 2000s. I bet they’re not saying that now.

And neither am I. This is more than just a trend. And I think it could be a long time – if ever – before Google ever hits that top spot again.

To further drive the knife in, Hitwise also reports that Facebook delivers 61% of the social media traffic. And where is Myspace? 4%. YouTube is at 20%. No mention of Twitter.

Remember this, Facebook is still growing. It’s the third most visited site in Argentina, behind Microsoft and Google. It could end up being No. 1. At any rate, you can expect Facebook to be a major source of traffic for some time to come.