co Have You Claimed Your Facebook Community Page? |

Facebook is now letting brands claim community pages. Is that news?

First, what is a community page? According to the Facebook Help Center, a community page is a page built around a specific topic, as opposed to a business page that is controlled by a specific entity. Community pages are not generally controlled by any one entity. For more information about the differences between community pages and official business pages, consult the Facebook Help Center.

Claiming a community page, however, can be significant for a brand if that brand has a lot of fans that contribute to that community page. It can be a way for the brand to somewhat control its reputation.

For instance, if your business becomes so popular within a certain area that fans set up a community page and you “Like” that page, you can request from Facebook the right to claim the community page for your brand. But there is a limit to the number of community pages that a brand can claim so you have to be judicious in the claiming them.

Suppose your brand is so popular that a dozen community pages have been built around it. You can’t claim them all. However, you can claim the most popular ones. Or you might decide to claim the few that have the most influence within your niche. Either way, it could be a feather in the cap of your brand.