co Hey Small Business Owner, Do I Talk Over Your Head? |

While reading one of my favorite blogs recently I was struck with a reminder that many small business owners still do not understand Internet marketing and why they may need it. Of course, being that I am an online marketer who works with small businesses, I already knew that. What I wasn’t quite aware of is that it may be my own fault.

You see, the article mentioned that most Internet marketers are so busy using industry speak that we don’t realize that our small business target audience doesn’t understand what we are saying. So it made me look at myself. Do I do that?

I could very well say “Yes.” I know that I use terms you are probably not familiar with – like SEO, PPC, meta tag, social media marketing, etc. etc. If I do, please forgive me.

But what I’d like to know is what your business is actually struggling with. What challenges do small businesses have today in introducing their businesses to their target audiences? I’m sure all the challenges are not online marketing related, but maybe they are and you just don’t know it.

So I’d like to open up this post for comments. Tell me your most pressing marketing challenges and what have you done to overcome those hurdles? Has it worked?