co Will The Future Of Search Be Different Than The Past? |

SEOBook has an interesting blog post about the future of SEO, focused only on Google. The premise of the post is that SEOs should not focus on Google’s past, but on where Google is headed. That, of course, is great advice. Unfortunately, the post ends with

The changes come around the edges, especially for big companies like Google. There is a lot of risk to Google in making radical changes. Shareholders don’t like it. Why risk breaking something that makes so much money, and is so popular?

In other words, the future is going to be pretty much like the past. Should we celebrate?

Despite the underhanded criticism, I think PeterD is right on the money about some things. The future of search is local. And I think, to a certain degree, mobile – though Peter didn’t say that. What he did say is you’ve got to be where your users are. I take that to mean off site. So let’s narrow down the future of search to three things:

  • Local
  • Mobile
  • And offsite

Small businesses in the future will make most of their SEO strides in local search. A subset of local will be mobile. Your users will want to find you on the go, and if you do search right they will. But you should also be prepared to meet your audience at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other place off of your website that you think they may hang out. It’s won’t be much different than it is right now.