co Welcome To The Blogosphere, Mom |

Technorati recently released its annual State of the Blogosphere report. I’ll let the report speak for itself, but I’ll risk ruining it for you by summarizing the report’s conclusions:

  • Bloggers engage in social media more than they did last year
  • Mobile blogging is up
  • The influence of mom bloggers is the highest it’s ever been
  • Bloggers plan on blogging more
  • Professional bloggers blog more than they did last year
  • Bloggers believe most people will get most of their news from online sources in five years

There are some fascinating findings in this year’s State of the Blogosphere report. That mom bloggers is on the rise is just one of them. Nevertheless, allow me to say “Welcome to the blogosphere, Mom!”

I’m not being facetious. Mom bloggers can see their blogs as much a business entity as anyone else. And one of the striking things about the report is the overwhelming number of bloggers who see their blog as a business or a part of their business (57% own a business and a blog related to it; 31% see their blog as their business).

Well, Mom, you can feel free to let your blog be your business. You don’t have to settle for being a part of the “hobbyist” category. Here are some tips to help you mom bloggers discover your hidden niche and capitalize on it.

  • Narrow down your passions to one or two things. You can write about other topics, but these one or two passions – along with 3-5 interests – should make up 75% of your blogging.
  • Learn how to conduct keyword research related to your niche (passions).
  • Read other blogs related to your passions and interests. Read them daily and interact with them.
  • Once a month, check to see what your most popular posts are. Write about those topics a little more often.
  • Research affiliate programs related to your passions and interests and join some. Don’t overdo it. Pick 2-5 affiliate products or services that you can really get behind and put links and banners in your sidebar and link to them in your blog posts.
  • Pay attention to blog design. This is becoming more and more important for keeping visitors coming back to your blog over and over again.
  • Get a standalone domain name, not a blog on a free host.
  • Blog every day.
  • Make every blog post interesting. If that means cutting back on how often you blog then go to an every other day posting schedule. But blog as often as you can.

Even mom bloggers can make money on their blogs if they learn to promote them through social media and SEO. Go ahead, Mom! Make a business of your blog. And welcome to the blogosphere.