co Hey Twitterers: Do You Exhibit These 5 Qualities? |

Business News Daily, just a few days ago, published a blog post that lists 5 traits or qualities of a successful business Twitterer. I like those qualities so much I thought I’d list them for you here and offer my own thoughts on them as well.

The 5 qualities of a successful business Twitterer are:

  • Solid sense of self
  • Good listener
  • Empowered
  • Surprising
  • Consistent

Now, let’s talk about each of these qualities in turn.

Sense of Self – We’re talking about your brand here. Do you know your brand? Are you confident in the marketplace? Exhibit any weakness or sign of weakness and you’ll be ignored on Twitter. You must have a strong sense of self.

Good Listener – On Twitter your audience can, and will, talk back. Will you listen? If you fail to listen to your audience they will notice and they will tune you out. You don’t have to act on every suggestion, but you sure better listen – and respond. If you have a good reason for not taking a suggestion from one of your followers, tell them what that reason is, respectfully.

Empowered – Whoever is managing your Twitter account should feel as if he or she has latitude to interact with followers on Twitter in ways that non-Twitter users would like to be treated. Make your Twitter followers feel special and you’ll see your follower count rise.

Surprising – Make your business stand out. It’s the best way to ensure you are remembered.

Consistent – Twitter is a 24/7 platform. But that doesn’t mean you have to tweet around the clock. Know and understand your peak times and be consistent in being there and in tweeting quality.

If you offer exclusive Twitter-only deals on a regular basis, you will take care of most of these qualities. Make your Twitter presence known.