co Facebook Is Getting Into E-mail |

It appears that Facebook has been holding a secret – they’re going to start offering e-mail services. That explains the recent tizzy Google got into about Facebook’s non-reciprocal data sharing policies.

What this move really does is make Facebook and Google more direct competitors. Since Facebook hasn’t actually rolled out its e-mail client yet we have nothing to go on in terms of what to expect. I’m sure that there will be those users who opt for Facebook’s product and then the Google loyalists. We’ll likely have pretty clear lines of demarcation and it will likely happen fast.

Frank Reed has already made his preference known. He’s a Google man. In fact, he’s got some pretty harsh words about Facebook and, I hate to admit it but, he’s making a good point. Should Facebook be trusted with your data?

It’s possible, I guess, that Facebook could roll out an e-mail client that does have a privacy feature and that the company will go through great measures to protect your privacy, but based on past actions Frank is saying it isn’t likely that Facebook will respect users’ privacy. Is he right? What do you think?

Can Facebook compete with Gmail on e-mail services? Will it be useful in other ways? Will Facebook’s e-mail client have natural social features that Gmail has tried to incorporate unsuccessfully? Tell us what you think.