co The Top 5 Traffic Sources |

It’s hard to argue with logic or truth. Titus Hopkins has a healthy dose of both in this article at SiteProNews.

All this really means is that not much has changed in 15 years of Internet marketing. In 1995, we’d have been saying the top 5 traffic sources were

  • Search engines
  • Directories
  • Article marketing
  • Forums
  • E-mail marketing and follow-up lists

Today, according to Titus Hopkins, the top 5 sources of traffic are:

  • SEO and search engines
  • Article marketing
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Social media
  • E-mail marketing and follow-up lists

See any similarities?

Keep in mind that in 1995 there were no social media sites (as we know them today), no pay per click, and SEO wasn’t even thought of yet. So how did search engines end up on that list?

Well, search technology was rather primitive in 1995, but it did exist. And search engines were valuable sources of traffic. So were directories. Article marketing was perhaps the most important source of traffic in those days. And forums were the social media of the time. They still are social and I would include them in Titus’s category of social media websites. And e-mail marketing has always been a staple of Internet marketing.

I think this list just goes to show that not a lot changes when it comes to marketing online. I’d be willing to bet that in ten years from now we’ll be looking at a similar list. Thanks Titus.