co Keywords Meta Tags - Something I Haven't Thought About |

I seriously haven’t given the keywords meta tag a whole lot of thought lately. But Michael Martine brings up an interesting point.

While his glee seems a little bit over the top, I can actually see him jumping in the air and clicking his heels together, I do see the point. The keywords meta tag is officially dead.

True search marketers have known for several years now that Google stopped relying on the keywords meta tag a long time ago. Bing, too, stopped using it. And that really left Yahoo! and However, Yahoo! bowed out of search and turned its search features over to Bing’s algorithm. There went one half of the reason to still be using the keywords meta tag. Then, announced that it was leaving search behind. There went the other half of the reason.

When I wrote my post yesterday about getting out of search I hadn’t thought about the keywords meta tag. But thanks to Michael Martine, none of us ever have to think about it again – until some college kid gets the bright idea to start another search engine based on it (hey, it could happen).

So now you have my permission to officially stop using the keywords meta tag on your web pages. You can do it if you want to, but it likely won’t help you anywhere.