co Is This The Beginning Of The App Wars? |

First, Google blocked Gmail users from exporting their contact lists into Facebook. Then Facebook responded by giving its users a way to download their contact lists and re-upload them as data files into Facebook. This could be the beginning of a new and very public rivalry between the two biggest web companies in the world. You can read about it here.

This makes me wonder if maybe we’re about to enter into a new wave of Internet competition. Both Facebook and Google are rich with interactive apps. Google’s tend to be more open source. Facebook’s are proprietary. But both are valuable. And Facebook is notorious for being selective in who it shares data with.

It looks as if the future is about to get a little hairy. I expect apps to grow and grow. With cloud computing on the rise, Google’s apps marketplace becoming more and more popular, and Facebook users spending unGodly amounts of time on Facebook playing Zynga games, it just seems like the future belongs to web apps. But how far will app developers take their battles?

On one hand, there is the push for open standards. There’s OpenID, OpenAuth, and other open source tools – even browsers – that make the future look like a sharefest. Then there’s Facebook, the most trafficked website online.

Will this battle be played out as an Open Source vs. Proprietary war or will it take on a more personal face with Google Vs. Facebook? Or am I just making much ado about nothing?