co 10 Ways To Succeed In Social Media |

If you’re anything like me then you enjoy a good presentation. Well, I found one on social media marketing for small businesses.

In this presentation there is one slide titled “Top10 Ways To Excel In Social Media.” I like the list so much that I thought I’d write a blog post about it. Forgive me for changing the title, but I thought these methods are also great ways to succeed with social media marketing. I think you’ll agree.

  1. Word Of Mouth – Get other people talking about you. It’s much more effective than you talking about yourself.
  2. Increasing Awareness And Demand – Just get the word out. Don’t worry if they like you or not; just get them to the point of knowing about you. Then hook them with an offer they can’t refuse.
  3. E-commerce + F-commerce – Hey, Facebook has arrived and it is a force to be reckoned with. Add a Facebook strategy to your marketing and grow your business the right way.
  4. Becoming A Resource – You want people to come to you as the leading expert in your field. Do you know how to become that resource? If you can figure that out then the other ways of succeeding will largely take care of themselves.
  5. Coupons/Discounts/Promotion – Over 70% of consumers follow brands because they want coupons and discounts. So give it to them.
  6. Customer Service – One of the best uses of Twitter has been for customer service. Indeed, social media of all kinds is a great customer service tool. Respond faster and more accurately to greater customer satisfaction.
  7. Lead Generation – Get more leads and act on them faster.
  8. Development Of Relationships Through Engagement – We’ve been saying for a long time that engagement through social media leads to better relationships. And we prove it every day.
  9. Insight And Performance – Become a knowledge source and use social media to gain knowledge about your industry.
  10. Competitive Intelligence – Gaining actionable competitive intelligence has always been an important marketing resource, but with social media you can get competitive intelligence faster and go deeper.

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