co Take Advantage Of Rich Snippets For Holiday Shopping |

Rich snippets are the kind of tool that most business people know little about. Yet, used properly, they can give your business a huge boost. The latest from Google is that prices, reviews and stock availability data will be included in search results. If you search listing has this information, particularly if your prices are competitive, then that listing may well draw a click from the searcher.

Small businesses need to take advantage of every feature that comes along. What small business doesn’t need is for big business to incorporate these features while they are left languishing in the dark.  (I suggest you subscribe to Google’s Webmaster Tools blog so you are kept up to date with changes as they occur. ) Rich snippets for shopping sites is the latest release and, while it does involve getting used to a little coding, is not that hard to include in your web pages coding.

Should you include rich snippets in your pages code? If you sell products then it makes sense.  However, if your products are overpriced then you may want to consider this option carefully. If competing businesses are using rich snippets and their prices are lower than yours, then your more likely to see a huge drop in traffic.

Rich snippets will be good for consumers. They may also help consumers weed out sites that rank highly, but rather than sell products, a created only to generate Adsense revenue. If you’re a shopping site, and your products are competitively priced, then incorporating rich snippets is a must if you want to stay in business.