co How To Make Friends And Lose Your Influence |

Social media marketing is the current rage and while it can be highly effective in building a business’ reputation, it can also be a one way street to damnation. Small business seems to be taking one of two approaches at present. They are either taking the softly-softly approach, or they are going in blindly with all guns firing. The first approach, while slow, is starting to see results. The second approach has seen businesses lose any credibility, almost overnight.

Like any ‘social’ situation, there is some form of decorum expected. Online social media is no different. For example, befriending every Tom, Dick and Mary is no longer the best approach. It’s fine to have the masses following you, but you need to remember that every person you follow could have some effect on those following you. Look only for those that can provide some benefits to you directly, or to your followers.

Being selective is the key, and this is now true of any information that you pass onto your followers. Don’t auto Tweet or auto post information that is irrelevant. There are individuals that are promoting across several niches and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you are in this situation, you need to develop profiles and followers for each niche. Having the one profile where you push everything is no longer acceptable.

Most importantly, social media sites are built on one principle – being social. If your presence is all one way, then most of your followers will soon  be ‘on their way’. You need to reach out to followers, talk to them, answer questions and generally provide them with a reason to follow you. The more interaction you can generate, the stronger your influence will be.

Social media marketing is all about connecting on a social level. If you cannot be a little social, then this may not be the best marketing channel for your business – you are better off having no presence than a presence with a poor reputation!