co What's More Important - Quantity, Quality Or Profitability |

Are you wrapped up in tracking a visitors every move on your site and analyzing every scrap of data you can find?  Do you remember a time before the Internet, when businesses where either run from a shop-front, or through mail order catalogs?  If you can, then you may also remember that the only real form of analytics ever undertaken by small businesses were those that measured how many customers came into the business, and how much they spent.

Now that business is moving online, discussions are about the quality and quantity of traffic coming into a web site; quality and quantity of inbound links; social media marketing; and search engine marketing. You will even come across discussions comparing which is best – quantity or quality, and that is in both links, traffic and social media ‘followers’. I’ll throw another key question into the mix – is your business profitable?

The most important aim for any new business is to reach that profitable stage. Don’t get me wrong here, it is important to measure traffic and it is important to optimize your online activities in order to reach that goal. However, analytics are only part of that process. If you do find a process that delivers traffic in reasonable numbers, take the time to work in your business as well as on your business – and there is an important difference.

A good example is a business that is using search marketing and receiving good traffic flow and good profits. You can spend your time analyzing your statistics and looking for areas that can be tweaked for a few extra percentage points, or you can spend that time sourcing new products, or improving the current range of products and services.

Tracking and analytics are important in any busy, but they are only tools and they should be used to help you improve your business. Instead of being a slave to these statistics, make them your slave.