co Cool SEO Data From New Search Engine Blekko |

New search engine Blekko has finally gone live. I’ll let others judge the worth of Blekko as a search engine. I’m more interested in its SEO data.

So what’s so good about Blekko’s SEO data? Glad you asked.

For starters, it has SEO data. On just about any site for which you’d want it. As a sampling, here’s what you can find out about websites you find through Blekko:

  • Hostrank
  • Number of inbound links
  • Site pages
  • Crawl stats
  • Duplicate content
  • Copy of cache
  • IP address
  • Whois data
  • And guess what else …

Blekko will even tell you which other websites your site is cohosted with.

That last one is very important. If you are on a shared hosting plan and can get a look at who your neighbors are then you can improve your hostrank just by switching servers or hosting companies. Follow the links of your hosting neighbors and see what kind of websites they are. If there any link farms, warez sites, or other black hat or spammy sites on your server then you need to ask your host to move you to another server or switch hosting companies.

I, for one, find this information extremely useful – even if I’d rather use Google for search.