co What Small Businesses Can Learn From Walmart |

Walmart has an interesting Facebook page. The interesting part about this is there is nothing really all that extravagant about it. It’s just a simple coupon page, but the creative part here is that Walmart is giving shoppers a chance to pick their own deals.

At the top of the page the banner reads, “If enough people Like this deal, we’ll make it happen.”

So how many people is “enough?” We don’t know. Only Walmart knows. But, like Chris Crum, I don’t think they’d set the number too high. They do want people to buy their merchandise.

So how can small businesses learn from this? No. 1, I think you can do the same thing. Build a Facebook page with a coupon that offers a discount, a freebie, or another special deal, but only if enough people Like it. How does that benefit you? And what if enough people don’t Like it?

Well, to answer the first question, it benefits you even if you don’t get enough Likes. For every Like you do get, that’s free publicity for you. Every person who Likes your offer will be sharing it with their friends. If it’s a good enough offer I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t work.

So what if you don’t get enough Likes? Extend your time period offering or run another promotion. Keep in mind that for every Like you get you’ll be expanding your Facebook reach a little more. Your true fans are going to Like all of your deals and they’ll be promoting them to their friends.

Be careful that you don’t offer too many deals, particularly if they aren’t getting enough Likes. But, here’s a trick. Pretend like enough people met your standard. If you get a reputation for offering great deals then you’ll entice more people to Like them. No one has to know what your threshold for “enough people” is. Just offer great deals and follow through on them. It’s a cost effective marketing plan that is easy to implement.