co How To Make Money On YouTube |

YouTube has finally surpassed the 1 billion mark on subscribers. If you don’t think that’s significant then you don’t know much about YouTube. The subscriber part I’m talking about are channels.

So what’s a YouTube channel? Good question. And the answer is real simple.

A channel is your individual YouTube account. That’s your channel. And every time another YouTube user subscribes to your channel that’s a feather in your cap. So there are 1 billion total subscribers to channels on YouTube. Big deal, right?

Actually, it is a big deal because there are 16 channels with more than 1 million users each. WebProNews says there are 15, but lists 16.

Now, do you think 1 million subscribers to your channel would be a big deal? You bet it is. That’s clout. I’d say if you’ve got more than 100,000 subscribers then you are doing really well, but to have 1 million, well, that just means you have a lot of power. It means you can sell advertising. Make money. It means you can probably get a movie or a book deal. Make money. Catch my drift?

So how do you make money on YouTube? Get a lot of subscribers to your channel. But how do you that? Produce great videos and promote the heck out of them. You think you can do that with your small business? I think so. You might not get 1 million subscribers, but if you get 100,000 subscribers then that’s pretty good for business. Don’t you think?