co Why Customers Like You On Facebook, Follow You On Twitter |

Matt McGee often has insightful information to present on his blog. Here’s a good example of that.

So in answer to the million dollar question, “Why would anyone “like” your company on Facebook or follow you on Twitter?”, here are the stats that back up my answer:

  • 40% want to receive discounts and special promotions
  • 36% want a freebie
  • 33% want updates on future products
  • 30% want updates on upcoming sales
  • 25% want access to exclusive content

Now, in order for those answers to be on the list you have to recognize that customers are already a fan of your brand – off line. They like you or they wouldn’t want to get deals from you. Someone claiming they are following you in order to get a discount on your products are essentially saying that they plan to do business with you. They are already planning to spend money with you. The question then is, how much?

Since running your social media campaigns yourself costs less than advertising on local TV, radio, and your newspaper, pass the expense on to your customers in the form of a discount. It’s a guaranteed sale.

Consider it an advertising expense. Offer a coupon good only to your Twitter followers. Or offer a discount code only for your fans on Facebook. Make it for a limited time only so that you get customers into your store before a certain deadline date.