co Is StumbleUpon A Useful Marketing Tool? |

There is still some discussion in social media marketing arenas as to whether or not StumbleUpon is a useful marketing tool. The pros are that it delivers a lot of traffic. The cons are that traffic typically does not convert well and it bounces at a high rate.

So what’s the conclusion? Is StumbleUpon useful as a marketing tool or not?

Let’s discuss those negatives. If the traffic doesn’t convert well and bounces at a high rate does that mean StumbleUpon is not a very good marketing tool? Shouldn’t you spend your time doing something more productive? Not necessarily. You can benefit from these negatives in other ways.

For instance, the fact that you are getting traffic to your site in the first place means that you have eyeballs in front of your brand. Those eyeballs frequenting your blog and website over and over eventually may find something that catches their eye. It’s a type of top-of-mind awareness. The next time someone who saw your Stumble finds you in a search engine or through another channel they will remember who you were and what you do.

Let’s take that argument deeper with an example. Let’s say you’ve Stumbled every blog post you’ve written for the past year and shared it with your friends. You have a hundred friends or so who have seen at least a third of those Stumbles and may have even thumbed some of them up. Then one day a Stumbler searches for something through Google and finds your website. They recognize your site based on your Stumble relationship and you have instant credibility. Isn’t that a benefit?

You bet it is. And that’s why I say StumbleUpon is still a good marketing tool. Traffic or not, conversions or not, you can still make your brand recognizable and identifiable at a glance. That’s good marketing.