co What's More Important: SEO, Traffic, Or Reputation? |

Do you ever feel like you are given a choice between two seats in heaven? Would you rather sit on the right or left of St. Peter?

OK, silly as it sounds, there is some seriousness to that facetious response. What’s better – SEO, traffic, or reputation? The answer, nearly obvious I think, is all of them.

There are some things you just can’t choose between. SEO is a necessity in today’s marketing culture. If you want your website to rank in the search engines then you should spend some time optimizing your web pages, but don’t think that SEO will solve all of your problems. Many a website have ranked No. 1 for their keywords only to fail to get any business.

SEO leads to more traffic. Do it right and you’ll land at the top of the search results. That will increase your traffic. But you can get traffic in other ways too. Social media is one way to drive traffic to your website. PPC is another way. If it works and closes sales then I say do it. Don’t ignore SEO just because PPC is working for you. Use them both together, if possible.

Reputation is a bit more murky. There are all kinds of ways to increase your reputation. One of the best ways is to just provide a good service. But, make no mistake, your reputation is very important.

Sometimes, marketers ask questions that have no easy answers. They don’t have to have answers. But they can make you think. When it comes to SEO, traffic, and reputation, they’re all important.