co How Embedded Video Can Increase Your Site's Traffic |

One of the things that webmasters, and small business owners in particular, can get better at is embedded video. There seems to be a lot of missed opportunities in using video as a marketing tool for small businesses.

We could pontificate about how this is the case, but I’d rather just get right to the quick and tell you how embedded video can increase the traffic to your website.

No. 1, if the video you embed is on YouTube then you can leave a comment on the video after you’ve embedded it on your site and say something to the effect:

Come hear what we’re saying about this video at

Change the to your domain name (I don’t mean to demean your intelligence, but I thought I’d state the obvious. 🙂 )

Next, after posting the video to your site, bookmark it somewhere. Try to bookmark that video at the most popular social bookmarking sites and be sure to give it a well-written, enticing summary.

If you do those two things alone then you’ll see an increase of traffic to your site. But there is another way embedded video can lead to more traffic.

Let’s say you want to add video to your site. Make the video then upload it to YouTube or another one of the video directories online (Note: YouTube is the most popular one). Next, embed that video on your website. If you do that often enough and use YouTube like a social networking site – making friends, commenting on their videos, favoriting the videos you like, etc. – then you’ll develop a following on YouTube and soon you will see that all of your videos are being watched by a lot of people. If you filled out your profile correctly then you put a link to your website on your YouTube profile. A certain percentage of your video watchers will visit your website through that link.

And that’s about it. It’s pretty simple. Videos have a lot of potential for reputation management, SEO, and website traffic.