co LinkedIn, Facebook, Or Twitter: Which Is Right For You? |

If you’re new to social media marketing then you might be wondering whether you should seek to prospect for new clients through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. I mean, you’ve heard of them all, had them all recommended, but you aren’t sure where to start. Need some help?

First, let’s cover the basics. What are they? What is social media marketing? And why are these three websites getting most of the attention?

  • Facebook – Let’s deal with Facebook first. Of the three, it is the most trafficked website. In fact, it is the most trafficked website online. So you should be on it, right? Not necessarily.

    Don’t go to Facebook because it is popular. Really. Go there because it offers a great marketing opportunity. And for most businesses, it does.

    If you are a business that caters to the general public, you’ll likely do well at Facebook if you learn how to maneuver through the maze.

  • LinkedIn – The problem with Facebook is it is just a little bit too laid back for some people. It’s like a college frat party. But LinkedIn is more like a corporate meet and greet. You really can meet some interesting people on LinkedIn who need your services. It’s a great place if you are a business seeking to do business with other business people.
  • Twitter – Twitter gets a lot of hype. But don’t write that off as a negative. As far as online tools go, Twitter is unique. It allows you to communicate with many people with one short, 140 character message. And you can publish as many of those as you want as often as you want.

    Some people have described Twitter as a fancy opt-in list. You can see it that way. But it’s also a broadcast medium. Some people are using it for publishing. I’d say the real benefit of Twitter is that it is so flexible you can use it for almost anything you want to use it for. Some people are using it to field customer service issues.

Personally, I think if you can make use of all three websites then you should. Just spend a few minutes each day on each one, not several hours. And if you are going to engage in social media at all, learn how to do so effectively. Don’t just rush in with guns loaded and shouting out marketing messages left and right. Develop relationships, treat people with respect, and keep your ear to the ground.