co Is Cloud Computing A Small Business Solution? |

Have you heard of cloud computing? This is the practice of taking your hardware and software and putting it out there on the Internet. Or, more precisely, to exchange your business’s computing practices from locality-based to Internet-based.

In a nutshell, it’s about getting your computing needs met through the Internet.

Folks who tout cloud computing as the next best thing do so on grounds that it is cheaper in the long run. It’s also more efficient, so they say.

Folks who say that cloud computing is not good for business cite security issues and there is some argument that the cost savings is a myth.

What’s the truth?

I’ll leave it to you to research the truth or falsity of cost savings, but I will say that cloud computing does show some promise for small businesses. There is some evidence that efficiency could be a benefit to operating in the cloud. It may even be more cost efficient. But it’s a personal business decision you’ll have to make on your own. Maybe you’ve already made it.

Do you have experience with cloud computing? How has it worked for you?