co How Social Media Is A Useful PR Tool |

When it comes to public relations, do you have a plan beyond writing a press release and sending it to the local newspapers? If not, you should.

Social media is fast becoming a useful PR tool. When you consider that most journalists these days are using social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter then it seems to reason that these can be used for public relations. But how?

Keep in mind that blogs are also considered a part of social media. So how do you use these tools for public relations? Here’s one way:

  • Find the most prominent bloggers in your industry and read their blog daily. Make comments when appropriate.
  • After establishing a relationship with important bloggers by being a frequent commenter, send them an e-mail – a brief e-mail – that explains what you do and ask if they’d be interested in a story about it. NOTE: Make it something that is newsworthy just as you would when writing a press release.
  • If the blogger says send more information then send a more detailed e-mail. Don’t send a press release. It’s too formal. Offer the blogger an opportunity to interview you and offer to write a guest blog post. Many bloggers do allow guest bloggers and you never know which way they will go. You might get an interview or a guest blog appearance – or both.
  • Once you’ve been published on a blog, help promote the blog post through social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and social bookmarking.
  • If there are social media personalities who don’t blog then follow them on the social media sites they post to. Similar to the way you did the blogger and follow up the same way as well.

Social media is the new PR tool. Don’t overlook it.

What ways do you use social media as a PR, or public relations, tool?