co Is SEO The Most Important Thing? |

I have some friends who are very good at SEO. One friend in particular swears by it. According to him, it’s the most important thing about doing business online, or Internet marketing. But is it?

I think SEO is very important. But I don’t think it’s the most important thing.

If you listen to the SEO enthusiasts then SEO is the most important thing because it’s free and that’s where the lion’s share of traffic comes from – the search engines. I can’t argue with either point. They’re both a matter of fact. But the problem I have with the “SEO is the most important thing” philosophy is that it ignores the one essential thing that every business needs to focus on – relationships.

SEO is important. If you want to succeed online then you’ve got to put in an honest effort to excel at it. But it doesn’t matter how well you do SEO, if you can’t maintain positive relationships with your customers then your business will suffer. You might gain some customers through SEO, but you will lose them. And word of mouth will spread about your people skills.

When it comes to online marketing, doing business with people is the same as doing business off line. If you want them to like you and to like doing business with you then you’ve got show them that you care. It’s all about building relationships.