co 8 Facebook Apps To Improve Your Fan Page |

One of the best marketing tools you have available for your business is a Facebook fan page. If you optimize your fan page well you can actually rank in the search engines for your important keywords. But there is more to a Facebook fan page than that. The following Facebook applications are useful for transforming your Facebook fan page into more than just a collection of facts about your business.

  • Reviews – Let your fans review your business right on your fan page. If you run a good business then you shouldn’t be afraid of the feedback. It can actually help you.
  • Networked Blogs – If you have a blog for your business then you should add it to the Networked Blogs application. You’ll get lots of readers for your blog through Facebook with this application.
  • Constant Contact – If you do e-mail marketing then you can attract readers for your e-mail newsletter through your fan page.
  • Static FBML – There is no other application that can transform your Facebook fan page into a static powerhouse than the Static FBML application. It’s Facebook’s version of HTML and with this application your fan page can look like a full blown website.
  • YouTube – If you are doing any video marketing, and you should be, then the YouTube application will allow you to add your YouTube videos to your fan page.
  • Promotions – Advertise your promotions to your fans with this application.
  • Payvment eCommerce Storefront – Put your e-commerce shopping cart right on your Facebook page. Take orders directly from Facebook.
  • Coupons – Put coupons on your Facebook fan page and track your responses with special coupon tracking codes.

With these 8 Facebook applications your fan page can be turned into a virtual storefront and you could see additional sales overnight as you watch your fan page transform itself into another website.