co How Social Media Can Topple Your Larger Competition |

Andy Beal wrote another very telling blog post about social media and CEOs.

In summary,

  • 64% of CEOs are NOT engage through social media or their own websites.
  • 8% of them had Twitter profiles.
  • A full 16% of CEOs have a social networking profile somewhere.
  • Only 4% have a profile at LinkedIn and Facebook, respectively (I wonder if it is the same 4%?).
  • But Get This: None of them have a company-affiliated blog.

    These are interesting statistics and they’re based on a survey of the 50 largest companies in the world. What is this saying?

    I think it says two things: First, the world’s top CEOs are disconnected from the rest of us. And, secondly, if you are the CEO of a smaller company in the same industries as these 50 companies then you have a golden opportunity to use social media, a blog and your own company’s website to engage with your customers and the broader market.

    Andy Beal also makes an awesome observation:

    The study also found that the CEOs of the most admired of the 50 were more actively engaged online (41%) those companies that had mediocre reputations (28%). That begs the question: do these companies have better reputations because the CEO is more active on social media, or because these companies have great reputations, the CEO feels safer engaging social media?

    That’s a good question. To read the original report on the study, go to Weber Shandwick.

    Isn’t time you and your CEO engage in social media?