co Geotargeting Can Increase Your Search Prospects Tremendously |

There is one simple way for most small businesses to increase their prospects for achieving high search rankings. It’s called geotargeting. And it can be practiced by almost any industry anywhere.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not suggesting that you should geotarget every page on your website if you are a business that targets globally. That might be self defeating in some cases. However, if you are a local small business trying to reach people in your own region then geotargeting is a must.

Let’s do some comparisons for market intelligence purposes:

  • I performed a Google search for auto mechanic and Google returned 6,970,000 results; I added Minneapolis to the same search query and got 527,000 results; when Los Angeles was added I got 326,000 results.
  • Next, I searched for florists and got 14,400,000 results; I added Dallas to the search query and Google returned 1,130,000 results; for Miami I received 923,000 results.
  • On a search for supermarkets I got 14,300,000 results; I added Manhattan to the search query and the results were narrowed to 498,000; then I changed Manhattan to Topeka and received 1,670,000 results; finally, I searched for supermarkets in hanover pa. and found 39,000 results.

So what’s the point? Notice that in each instance where a geotargeted place name was used the search results were narrower and fewer in number. That means your competition is less stiff for the geotargeted search phrases. Where there is less competition there is a greater chance of success.

Of course, you still have to follow the principles of good SEO, but if you do that and use geotargeted search terms with your most important key phrases then you’ll increase your chances of getting good search results for the phrases that you want to target. That will likely also lead to more business and that’s what you really want, isn’t it?