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You may remember that I have a chapter in an upcoming book titled Age Of Conversation III: Time To Get Busy.

Well, the other authors and myself are planning a bum rush on Blog Action Day, which is slated for October 15, 2010. This year’s action item is water.

You see, every year participating bloggers blog on the same theme. The idea is to spark a little action and to bring a particular issue to light. Charity Water is a nonprofit organization that brings safe and clean drinking water to developing nations. I’d like you to know that every sale of Age Of Conversation III: Time To Get Busy goes to support Charity Water and help developing nations get clean, safe drinking water.

But I’d like to ask you to do something to support blog action day. Join our bum rush!

Specifically, here’s what I’d like you to do. Help us raise money for Charity Water by generating more sales of Age Of Conversation III: Time To Get Busy at Here’s how you can help us raise awareness and money for Charity Water:

  • Buy the book. Also, encourage others to buy the book. And if you work for an organization that hands out Christmas gifts, get your organization to purchase multiple copies and give them out as gifts. One caveat: Please only purchase 1 copy at a time because counts bulk orders as one. Purchase the Kindle version here (Charity Water affiliate link). Purchase the paperback version here (Charity Water affiliate link). Purchase the hardback version here (Charity Water affiliate link).
  • Register for Blog Action Day.
  • Blog about Blog Action Day and mention Age Of Conversation: Time To Get Busy. Use the same affiliate links that are in this post so that Charity Water can get its contribution.
  • Join the conversation on Twitter. Use the hashtag #aoc3 if you mention the Bum Rush.
  • Trackback or comment on the October 15, 2010 post about the Bum Rush at
  • Digg, Stumble and bookmark on all the posts you see about the event, including yours.
  • Become a Facebook fan of AoC3 and interact with us on Facebook.
  • Send an e-mail to all your friends and get them involved too.

If we all band together and work for a common cause, we can make a difference. Join us in the bum rush on October 15, 2010 and help us raise money for Charity Water.