co Facebook The #1 Site For Mobile Users |

Mobile access of the internet is growing with, according to ComScore, 43% of mobile users in the US doing just that. What is their number one site? Facebook followed by Myspace, Yourtube and Twitter.  According to the statistics, 21% of users accessed either social media or blogs. Those numbers look good, but what does it mean for your business?

Statistics never tell a full picture. For example, they don’t tell us what users are doing when they access social media for example. Are they just checking on friends or sending a tweet to tell friends where they are and what they are doing? Mobile marketing for small business is becoming an important issue, especially in business sectors that relate to people on the go. Having presence on Facebook and Twitter certainly won’t hurt your business if that presence is handled correctly.

What is clear is that today’s web sites do need to accessible by mobile users. If the do find your business, either through search or social, your site has to be in a position to deliver the information they are looking for. If your site doesn’t deliver, users will simply move on to the next site. Once users find sites that meet their needs, there is a good chance they will save those details for later retrieval. This means that a users that is lost today will most likely be lost for some time.

Facebook may be the number one site for mobile users, but at around 20% of users, that still leaves 80% accessing other sites, search included. Is your site mobile ready? Have you looked at your own site from the perspective of a mobile user? Most business owners haven’t!