co What's Google Doing? Are Full Page Previews Real? |

UK search professional Patrick Altoft wrote a blog post saying that Google was testing full page previews in search results. I tried to corroborate his story with a U.S.-based report, hopefully from one of the many top-tier SEO experts who blog. The closest I came was this report from TechCrunch.

Two other sources that have written about this so far are ReadWriteWeb and Business Insider.

Note that all three of these sources are news sources, not practicting SEOs. There are a few more lesser known news sources that have reported on this as well. But all of the online news websites that have written about this point back to Patrick Altoft and offer no new insight.

So what’s going on here? It’s strange that no U.S. SEOs are reporting on this while only one UK-based SEO has discovered it and written about it. You’d think that if this were really happening then it would be all over the Web. But if you’ll read down the comments on Patrick Altoft’s blog then you’ll find this little gem:

Christian this was on I tried but couldn’t see it.

That was Patrick Altoft responding to a reader question about the test appearing in the U.S. Evidently, this is a test that only took place in the UK, which makes me wonder how often Google conducts such tests. Do they ever test in Australia and nowhere else? How about Asia? Is this a common practice for Google to test new search features overseas but not in the U.S.?

What’s your take?