co Facebook Changes Its Groups Features |

Facebook has always had groups and friends categories, but according to founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg, only 5% of users use those features.

Facebook Groups, on the face of things, seems a very useful and intuitive way to organize your friends. But will people actually use it? I mean, if they’re not already using friends lists then what is going to compel them to set up groups?

I’ll tell you why you should use the Facebook Groups feature. It gives you great flexibility and control over how you organize your friends.

If, like most people, you have friends who are family members, old high school or college buddies, professional associates and random people you’ve collected then you can separate those into various groups and communicate with each group privately. You can share your holiday photos only with family and close personal friends while sharing your links about your favorite niche business topics with professional colleagues. The members of your other groups won’t be bothered by stuff they have no interest in.

To me, it makes sense to manage Facebook that way. What do you think?