co How Fast Can The Internet Get? |

The internet of today is considerably faster than that of ten years ago. This has been helped along by much faster internet connection speeds and then pushed further by improved web page coding. Search engines like Google are now getting in on the act as well. Google’s new Instant is one example  and there’s no doubt now that page load speeds are being factored in when determining search rankings.

Hang on to your hats because Google would like to take page load times to new heights. What is the one common factor that slows most web sites down? Graphics, or at least, images. Google have now developed a new image format, called WebP, that significantly reduces the size of an image while not creating any noticeable loss in quality.

This could be a real boost to web developers that like to include complex headers into web sites. If the load speed of that image can be reduced, and Google are talking about 75% reductions in JPEG images, then we could see a rise in the aesthetic appeal of many websites.

Another advantage to improved image load times is that more sites are likely to include images. It will be interesting to see if this comes to fruition. The biggest sticking point will be getting browsers to read this format, and for web developers to start utilizing. You can read more on this new format here.