co Is Facebook More Important Than Search? |

Chris Crum of WebProNews just made a bold statement: Facebook Likes Just Officially Became More Important to Search.

In actuality, he may not be far from the truth and his article brings out some very interesting and thought-provoking points, namely,

  • There is a more direct connection between Facebook Likes and search.
  • Facebook has something going for it that search engines don’t – content can go viral.
  • Likes are easier to get than links.
  • Most Facebook users are not bloggers, therefore getting to them click a Like button is easier than getting them to link to you.
  • If people use the Facebook search feature and see relevant content then they will use the search feature more often.
  • Can Facebook compete with PayPal? Imagine being able to make a purchase just by logging in to Facebook instead of filling out a long form every time they want to buy something online.

OK, some of that is still a ways off – like the Facebook log-in for purchases – but it’s not farfetched. I can see all of these developments taking place and they have the potential to make Facebook the most important web property online – even more important than Google.

Specifically, however, Facebook search could become more important than Google search if Facebookers start looking for relevant information through the social site and finding it. That will only happen if Likes are linked to search and Facebookers know this. I guess we’ll just have to keep an eye on it and see what happens.