co Will Future Marketers Shun SEO? |

Increasingly, you are hearing more and more about social media marketing and less and less about SEO. Are we experiencing a turn in the tide, a paradigm shift from search engine marketing to social media? One would think so.

On the other hand, SEO is still alive and well.

There is a contingent of online marketers who, I think, would like to see SEO go by the wayside. They are sold on social media (as am I). If you know me at all or read my blog regularly then you know that I am also a social media advocate. It is an essential marketing channel in this century.

But I wouldn’t abandon SEO or search engine marketing. I think, in fact, that SEO and SEM will always be important to marketers online.

One might think this is an outdated idea considering that Google itself is always trying to find more ways to go social. But if you consider that Google considers its closest competition to be Bing and not Facebook then you might begin to understand that there is a place for social as well as search in your marketing plan.

To what degree you use social media in your online marketing versus SEO is your business, but I think it’s clear to most marketers that both are necessary. And I would fall in that camp.