co Why E-mail Marketing Is So Important |

People who know me know that I put a lot of emphasis on e-mail marketing. Why?

It’s real simple really. E-mail marketing helps you develop relationships. It gives you a basis for a relationship in the first place. And it starts with information gathering.

One of the first things you hope visitors of your website will do is give you their e-mail address. If they do that then it means that you’ve built some trust with them. No one is going to give you their e-mail address unless they trust you to some extent. But that doesn’t mean they trust you enough yet to buy from you. That’s where your e-mail marketing strategy comes in.

E-mail marketing allows you to build trust among people who have only dipped their toe in the water. They’re curious, but they aren’t ready to buy. So you begin to build their trust by sending them e-mails periodically. Over time, if you are effective in your marketing strategy, they will come to trust you enough to do business with you. But a lot of things have to happen before then.

The value of your e-mail marketing isn’t in your message. Let me repeat that. The value of your e-mail marketing strategy is not in your message.

It’s in the list.

This is very important. Your e-mail marketing strategy is only as strong as your list. If you have 10,000 untargeted names and addresses of people who may or may not be interested in product or service then you don’t have much of an e-mail marketing strategy. Chances are, your conversion rates are low. However, if you have 3,000 targeted names and addresses of people who have purchased from you or bought similar products in the past then that’s a strong list. It says those people

  • Do buy
  • Have an interest in your product or service
  • And aren’t afraid to spend their money

The rest is up to you. Build trust, convince them that your offer is worth their time and money, and close the deal. If you are effective with your e-mail marketing strategy then your conversions should be higher. The money is in the list.