co Twitter Is About To Become 100 Times More Valuable |

Online marketers can now rejoice. Twitter users especially. Some time this year, which is now drawing to a close, Twitter is expected to roll out a free – yes, you read that right, free – analytics tool. You can read the announcement here.

Now, let’s get this straight. We’re talking about a free, real-time analytics tool for Twitter. What are the implications of that?

No. 1, I don’t agree with WebProNews that

if a little odd since this would be an easy way for Twitter to earn money.

WebProNews doesn’t say it outright, but the implication is clear: Twitter would profit more from charging for the service than by offering it for free. I don’t agree.

Google Analytics is free and the search engine makes hand over fist from its pay-per-click ads. I think Twitter is doing the right thing. What I expect to see happen is a flood of new business users rushing to make the most of the Twitter opportunity, veteran Twitter users to jump on the analytics bandwagon on Day 1 and by the second month of service to be offering information products for the rest of us on how to use Twitter Analytics to earn a profit for your business and for Twitter to subsequently – maybe some time next year – to introduce its own pay-per advertising service.

Well, maybe not on that last one. Twitter already has a sponsored tweet service. I’m sure that the free analytics tool will be useful to sponsors in determining the effectiveness of their sponsored tweets. It’s possible that Twitter will roll out its sponsored tweets platform in the near future and that the service will explode all over the real-time net. The potential for profit for Twitter is enormous.

So far, only Facebook has challenged Google in terms of real competition online. Twitter could be – and likely will be – the next big competitor to challenge Google’s dominance. And its free analytics tool will be a big part of that. Watch for Twitter’s traffic to rise dramatically.